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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Savannah. . .again

Last night a few of my friends and I got together to watch a movie. As we were leaving my kids were saying goodbye over and over again to another friend that was leaving. Jared and I were trying to get them to focus on the task of getting in the car so we could get home and get the kids to bed becuase it was already 8pm. Savannah was in her seat in the middle row of the van. She put her arm out the door to wave to her friend just as Jared was slamming the van door. Needless to say, he got Savannah's arm in the door. It started bruising and swelling right away and he thought for sure it was broken. We took the other kids home, I took Savannah to the hospital, got her arm x-rayed (and her bear got an x-ray too), but it turns out it was just bruised. As we were leaving the doctor told us that is may take a couple weeks for it to feel totally better.

Well, this morning Savannah was asking for special treatment. She thought she needed a special breakfast. Jared said, "Savannah, you know you are just doing this for attention." Then Savannah said, "But this is my chance!"

What a character!


David y Amy said...

How sad! Poor Savannah! I'm glad she didn't break it though. She's so smart to take advantage of her injury:)I wouldn't have thought of that at her age.

Anonymous said...

I was excieted to see you comment on Lani's blog. Had to see how you and your family were doing. Hope you remember me, our family had many fun days at the park and beach with yours.

Sorry to see that Savannah got hurt and hope her arm heals fast. Glad that it was not broken. What special treatment might she have asked for then?