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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Felt Playhouse

I love to look at blogs that talk about homemade projects. Most of the time I am overwhelmed by the creativity of others and my lack of time to do all of the creative things I would like to do. But, sometimes I do actually do a project that I see. This is one of those times. Many of the gifts my children received this year were homemade. For Alanna and Arya I really wanted to make one of these felt playhouses.

It all started when we bought a new BBQ grill almost two years ago. It came in a nice sized box. I cut out holes for a door and window and made the girls a playhouse. They LOVED it. It got a ton of use, but it was cardboard and eventually we had to throw it out.

Alanna cried and cried. I wanted to get something more permanent, but playhouses for the outdoors are out of my price range. So, in this very cute blog I follow, Homemade by Jill, she made one of these for her son. I looked at what she did, looked at the links on her site, and then made my own!

I am pretty proud of it because although I had pictures online to look at, I drew it all out myself, made patterns for it all, sewed it all, and it turned out!! The girls love it. It fits over a card table so I can take it off and fold up the card table anytime I want to put it away!!

It is not as good as some of the ones you see online, but it is my first one and my kids don't have the photos of the other ones to compare!! There is a window on the door, the mail box opens, there is a window on the pumpkin coach, and they can pick the apples from the tree.

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