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Monday, May 11, 2009

Alyssa turns 10

Here is Alyssa at three weeks old3 Months old
Almost 2 years old
It is amazing how one tiny little person changed my life so completely. Before I was a mother I knew it all! Come on! Really, I did! After all, I had a degree and all of my Early Childhood Education units AND I taught second grade AND I had worked in a day care for three years. What more was there to learn. Well, I know now that I knew nothing and still know nothing!! But really, I remember the moment it hit me that my life had changed and there was no going back. Alyssa was about 2 weeks old and Jared, Alyssa and I were driving all over the US for Jared's job. We were in Indiana I think (we went through 19 states in ten days with a two week old baby, call me crazy!) and I looked a tiny, under 5 pound Alyssa asleep in her car seat and I realized that my life would never be the same and that life had just begun. I don't know what the previous 25 years of my life was, but my life had just begun. I love my little ones so much and each day life becomes sweeter becuase I have them. Happy birthday my big 10 year old!!

Easter Egg hunting, April 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alanna Turns Four!

Alanna turned four today. We had a party for her on Friday and told her that Friday was her birthday because I wanted to keep Mother's Day all to myself (and she is four and doesn't know any different!) We have a tradition that on the child's birthday they get to come into our room when they wake up and we tell them the story of their birth. I wrote out all of the stories a few years ago, added photos, and had books printed with it all through Walmart. Pretty cool. So, we read her book. Her birth was the toughest we have had to deal with. She came completely by surprise 10 days early. The labor and delivery was a whole 2 hours, twenty-one minutes from start to finish and completely free from pain relieving drugs. (NOT my choice, but that is another story). After we had her for about 12 hours we got a call that something was wrong with her blood and they came and took her to NICU where she stayed for a week. This was awful. Any mother that has gone through this knows the anguish of having to leave the hospital without your little new baby, and it is terrible. This is my favorite picture of her during that time. Her little 'sunglasses' were adorable. Well, four years later and she is a spunky, sassy, opinionated, ray of sunshine. She heats up so fast, but can be soothed just as fast with the right touch. She loves her friends, her family, and especially loves Cinderella.

Here is Alanna with her very best friends.

Cinderella cupcakes. I thought they turned out really pretty for my first time piping the icing on.
The top photo is Alanna at one year and then four years. She is a much neater eater, but still loves her chocolate!! Happy birthday my little Lanicake!!