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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know what this is?

. . .It is an empty work space. It is empty, despite being very disorganized, because after 4 months of having a person in it, that person is not here. Who is this person? Well, because he doesn't ever read my blog I can tell you. It is Jared. Jared has been not working for a while. Then he started working but it was from home. Now this is nice sometimes. Like when I need my computer fixed, or when I can't get the TV to work for the video games, or when I have to run somewhere and the baby is asleep, or if I don't have to be in the office. But, you see, I am in this office three days a week for about 5 hours during that time with five other kids with me. It is very hard for a man with ADD to concentrate as I am teaching 3 kids their school lessons and trying to keep tabs on the other two kids who like to see how big of a mess they can make while Mom is occupied. I feel this is MY space during the day. I've had to share for a few months and it has been trying. But, the wonderful man of my dreams is away today working at an office that he is sharing with some other guys. I wonder if their wives are feeling the elation that I am feeling right now? Hmmmm. I think I love my husband more when he isn't with me every moment of every day. He just better get home on time for dinner! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cookie Making Day

On rainy days we make cookies. When I was growing up my mom read me a book called The Tales of Oliver Pig. In the book there is a chapter called Baking Day. On this day Oliver tells his mom that he wants to spend the day outside playing. His mom tells him that it is a cold, rainy day and not a day to be outside. It is a day to be inside, cozy and warm. So they bake oatmeal cookies together and listen to the rain as they bake. We have read this story on many rainy days as we are waiting for our cookies to bake. I love this story and I LOVE rainy days. So, last week it rained a few times and we had our cookie making day. The older kids were doing their school work, the younger two were bored, so I let them help me. I am normally a neat freak, but I really let the girls get into it. Enjoy the fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Savannah. . .again

Last night a few of my friends and I got together to watch a movie. As we were leaving my kids were saying goodbye over and over again to another friend that was leaving. Jared and I were trying to get them to focus on the task of getting in the car so we could get home and get the kids to bed becuase it was already 8pm. Savannah was in her seat in the middle row of the van. She put her arm out the door to wave to her friend just as Jared was slamming the van door. Needless to say, he got Savannah's arm in the door. It started bruising and swelling right away and he thought for sure it was broken. We took the other kids home, I took Savannah to the hospital, got her arm x-rayed (and her bear got an x-ray too), but it turns out it was just bruised. As we were leaving the doctor told us that is may take a couple weeks for it to feel totally better.

Well, this morning Savannah was asking for special treatment. She thought she needed a special breakfast. Jared said, "Savannah, you know you are just doing this for attention." Then Savannah said, "But this is my chance!"

What a character!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Finished Product

Here is Nathan's finished quilt. He was so happy with it and it was fun to sit around with my neices and nephews, parents, brothers, and to talk about all of the patches. Nathan's cousins really got a kick out of the fact that they had given Nathan some of the clothes as hand-me-downs! Brianna, Nathan's cousin that is one month older than him, thought it was so funny that Nathan and her had matching outfits, only his was pale green and hers was pink. So much fun!

Special Day

Today was a really great day. Building up to today was an eight year adventure. Today Nathan was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nathan has been my only child that has told me emphatically, "I hate church and I don't want to go." This has actually gone on for a while. Over the past few months as we have been getting him ready for baptism, his attitude toward church had me very worried. Really, the only thing I want in life is to help my children develop a sure knowledge of who they are and a firm testimony (and also for them to get along, but hopefully that will work itself out).

Two weeks ago I took the kids to the park, but Nathan really wanted to stay home and have some time with Jared. So while I was gone for the afternoon, Jared and Nathan talked the whole time about Nathan's feelings toward church, the gospel, baptism, etc. It was a two hour conversation and, I feel, a life changing situation for Nathan. His attitude toward church is completely different. He has a testimony of the gospel. Eight years of teaching him to recognize the promptings of the Spirit; I am starting to see that Jared and I have been successful. Now, I know that this is just the beginning, but the foundation is there and I feel it is a great accomplishment with this child.

As I am writing this I am wondering why I am writing this. I know that certain events are too special to share, but getting ready for Nathan's baptism has taught me quiet a few things. I really feel that children need to be taught at a very young age how to be sensitive to the Spirit. I think that our society is filled with too much 'noise' and we need to bring more peace and somberness into our lives so that we can experience sensitivity. Each child will feel this differently and as I parent I have to help the child recognize this in him or herself. I am so grateful to have such wonderful children and even more, grateful for an amazing husband that so freely shares his testimony with our children, teaches our children daily, and can touch their hearts in a way that I can't. He takes the time to do this daily (usually while I am trying to complete one more task on my list; a time when I really should be sitting down with our children too). I learn so much from him.

So many friends and family joined us for Nathan's baptism. I was so appreciative of everyone who was there to show their love and care of Nathan and our family. We have so many wonderful friends and family that have helped us get to this point. It was amazing to look around and see how many people care about us. To family and friends who may ready this, thank you for all your help with logistics of the day (baking cookies, setting up, cleaning up, helping serve, helping with the program, watching my kids as they wouldn't sit still for me packing up my car, I can go on and on), for driving here, for going out late on Sunday after a long day AND the BIG GAME and for your sweet spirits that added to the meeting. I feel overwhelmed with the blessings that I have.

Happy Birthday Nathan

Well, here it is, the big 8 years old! There is nothing like the birthday of a child to make a person feel older, but this isn't suppose to be about me. My Nathan, where to start. Well, when he was born he looked just like a monkey. Seriously. He had tons of hair and was so scrunched up. But that passed after a few weeks and he started to look pretty cute. Now, what can I say, the kid is gorgeous! He has been the child that I have been to urgent care the most with (7 times before he was 5), called poison control for (after he ate shaving cream), but the sweetest and most sensitive child in our family. Everyone gets along with Nathan. He is rarely the center of the arguments. His sisters adore him and he adores them, especially Alanna. When they use to share a room I would go in to check on them before I went to bed and I would usually find Alanna snuggled up with Nathan up on the top bunk of his bed. There is no way I can write all that I feel for this sweet boy, nor is there anyone who would be interested in reading it, but I love him very much and I feel blessed every day that he is a part of our family.