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Monday, May 11, 2009

Alyssa turns 10

Here is Alyssa at three weeks old3 Months old
Almost 2 years old
It is amazing how one tiny little person changed my life so completely. Before I was a mother I knew it all! Come on! Really, I did! After all, I had a degree and all of my Early Childhood Education units AND I taught second grade AND I had worked in a day care for three years. What more was there to learn. Well, I know now that I knew nothing and still know nothing!! But really, I remember the moment it hit me that my life had changed and there was no going back. Alyssa was about 2 weeks old and Jared, Alyssa and I were driving all over the US for Jared's job. We were in Indiana I think (we went through 19 states in ten days with a two week old baby, call me crazy!) and I looked a tiny, under 5 pound Alyssa asleep in her car seat and I realized that my life would never be the same and that life had just begun. I don't know what the previous 25 years of my life was, but my life had just begun. I love my little ones so much and each day life becomes sweeter becuase I have them. Happy birthday my big 10 year old!!

Easter Egg hunting, April 2009


Craig and Patricia said...

Crazy, I can't believe she turned 10!!! I remember her Baptism like it was yesterday. (good thing it wasn't, i dont want to have morning sickness:) Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girls!!!! Happy Belated Mother's Day too (sorry we didnt have a chance to call) Loves and miss you guys a ton (like always)