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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nathan turns 10

Happy Birthday to my adorable boy.

The 10 year old!! What a handsome guy!

Nathan invited 20 of his closest friends to help celebrate. They sang to the karaoke, danced to the Wii, and at all they could eat ice cream. Surprisingly, they didn't eat very much! Nathan has such a great group of friends. It was so much fun watching them play these games. I wish every day was a party day! (Without the clean up though.)

We didn't get a photo of him blowing out his candles, it was too dark, but we will do that on his actual birthday.

Bike Ramp

Alanna trying out our 'bike ramp.' Notice that her eyes are closed almost the whole time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arya in Ballet

I love when my little girls go to their first dance class. They have all started around three years old and always love it. Arya hates me doing her hair, but she will always let me do it for dance class.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


For a Christmas present to our children this year I made them a couple of things, but their main gift was a trip to Kanab, Utah. My wonderful Aunt and Uncle let us stay in their cottage for a few days. It had just snowed and the ground was still covered in snow. The kids loved playing in they yard. Nathan built a slide out of snow and loved to relax on the hammock. We celebrated New Year's here. New Year's Day Jared took the kids to Wire Pass. Amazing! I stayed back with Arya and Alanna, played in the snow with them, and baked cookies. Jared also took the kids sledding one day. It was a wonderful trip in the cutest cottage ever!