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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know what this is?

. . .It is an empty work space. It is empty, despite being very disorganized, because after 4 months of having a person in it, that person is not here. Who is this person? Well, because he doesn't ever read my blog I can tell you. It is Jared. Jared has been not working for a while. Then he started working but it was from home. Now this is nice sometimes. Like when I need my computer fixed, or when I can't get the TV to work for the video games, or when I have to run somewhere and the baby is asleep, or if I don't have to be in the office. But, you see, I am in this office three days a week for about 5 hours during that time with five other kids with me. It is very hard for a man with ADD to concentrate as I am teaching 3 kids their school lessons and trying to keep tabs on the other two kids who like to see how big of a mess they can make while Mom is occupied. I feel this is MY space during the day. I've had to share for a few months and it has been trying. But, the wonderful man of my dreams is away today working at an office that he is sharing with some other guys. I wonder if their wives are feeling the elation that I am feeling right now? Hmmmm. I think I love my husband more when he isn't with me every moment of every day. He just better get home on time for dinner! :)