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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cookie Making Day

On rainy days we make cookies. When I was growing up my mom read me a book called The Tales of Oliver Pig. In the book there is a chapter called Baking Day. On this day Oliver tells his mom that he wants to spend the day outside playing. His mom tells him that it is a cold, rainy day and not a day to be outside. It is a day to be inside, cozy and warm. So they bake oatmeal cookies together and listen to the rain as they bake. We have read this story on many rainy days as we are waiting for our cookies to bake. I love this story and I LOVE rainy days. So, last week it rained a few times and we had our cookie making day. The older kids were doing their school work, the younger two were bored, so I let them help me. I am normally a neat freak, but I really let the girls get into it. Enjoy the fun!


David y Amy said...

Holy Cow! you are much more patient than I am in letting your kids get messy:0) They are so cute playing in the flour. What a fun tradition!

Camille said...

Haha! Like I said, normally I am a freak about keeping it neat, but that day I didn't really care. I thought all was going well until Alyssa said, "Look at Arya!" and Arya's hair had flour in it. By the time I got the camera, Arya had the rolling pin and was trying to climb on the table. So, I let her. We just laughed and laughed.

Aubrey Jane said...

So good of you to let them be messy like that! It's always a temptation to avoid the messy activities at work(anything that involves the kids painting, cooking, playing with shaving cream, dirt, playdough, water...) but those seem to be the things they love most so we let them. The difference is that there are three adults to clean up instead of only one:). You are great!