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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan

Well, here it is, the big 8 years old! There is nothing like the birthday of a child to make a person feel older, but this isn't suppose to be about me. My Nathan, where to start. Well, when he was born he looked just like a monkey. Seriously. He had tons of hair and was so scrunched up. But that passed after a few weeks and he started to look pretty cute. Now, what can I say, the kid is gorgeous! He has been the child that I have been to urgent care the most with (7 times before he was 5), called poison control for (after he ate shaving cream), but the sweetest and most sensitive child in our family. Everyone gets along with Nathan. He is rarely the center of the arguments. His sisters adore him and he adores them, especially Alanna. When they use to share a room I would go in to check on them before I went to bed and I would usually find Alanna snuggled up with Nathan up on the top bunk of his bed. There is no way I can write all that I feel for this sweet boy, nor is there anyone who would be interested in reading it, but I love him very much and I feel blessed every day that he is a part of our family.


David y Amy said...

So Sweet! I can't believe how much hair he had. But what a handsome guy now! You must be so proud!