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Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Topics-Project #1

Point #1: I don't know that many people read my blog; just my good friends and some family members, but I started it as a journal type blog for the Grandmas and Grandpas. They don't see my children much and I was hoping to keep family updated with all of the great adventures we have. Well, I don't think they have looked at it much.

Point #2: I love to look at blogs by other people. I love looking at totes, quilts, twirl skirt are my newest search, and anything that I think is cute and I may be able to duplicate! SO, I think I will try to post one project each week that I am working on or have finished. Maybe I can inspire someone!

Here is my first 'project' for the week.

At my kids' school they are collecting items to auction for a fundraising event. They make these huge themed baskets and auction them. The 2nd grade theme is Wild Animal. I made this tote for them.