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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Bear Scout!-Project #4


Nathan has been in Cub Scouts since February. In March he earned his Bobcat. In April he earned his Wolf. After that he got really motivated and started doing scouting things all of the time. Unfortunatly, due to some leadership changes, the group didn't have a pack meeting. Pack meetings is where they get all of their awards.

September 2 was the most recent pack meeting and Nathan was counting down the hours! He was so excited to get all of the badges, pins, beltloops, and arrow points that he had been working on since May. He ended up getting his Bear badge, 1 gold and 7 silver arrow points for Wolf, one gold and three arrow points for Bear, his Leave No Trace award, his Outdoor Activity Badge, 20 belt loops, 10 pins, and his favorite, his religious square knot. That one was really important to him.

I am so proud of all of the work he has done (and all of the work he gave me to sew these things on!!). Scouting is great!


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

David y Amy said...

Wow! With the scout bag and this shirt I'm beginning to think boys are a lot of work...wish I had a boy:)

Karen Young said...

20 belt loops - that's incredible. That's quite a lot of arrow points as well. Congratulations, you guys have been working hard.
Our favorite thing is earning the Activity Patches that they put on their red vests. I went so far as to have my boys earn some in AZ (while we were on vacation) to fill it up.