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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneaky kids

On Saturday Jared and I had a little disagreement. Well, it was actually a big disagreement, a little fight. :) We don't have big disagreements that often. Normally there is some miscommunication, apologies, and it is all better. Our kids aren't use to little fights that we have about twice a year. They kind of band together and plan how to help us resolve it. It is actually pretty cute. Well, Saturday at lunch time we were in the middle of a little rift. The kids all left the table after lunch, meet in their secret meeting place (I think it is Alyssa's room, but I'm not sure), and they came up with this note writing plan. I didn't find out all of the pieces of this puzzle until Sunday night. But later on Saturday Savannah came and told me that Jared left me a note on my desk. Nathan had told Jared that I left him a note on his desk. So, I got the note Sunday night, and this was it:

Isn't that the funniest thing! The part I like best is that the kids wrote Jared taking the blame for the disagreement. Hmmmm. Is that because it was his fault or because they think I can do no wrong???
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