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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My little Princess

My sweet little baby turned two today. Poor little girl has a cold and wasn't too interested in much. I let her wear her pajamas most of the day, she picked out her favorite movies to watch, and then went and played while the other kids watched the movies!

She had a doctor appointment today for a one year check up. She normally HATES doctors. Did I mention she HATES, HATES doctors? Seriously, she cries from the time we enter the exam room until the time we leave. We have a new doctor that we have been with for about six months. I LOVED our previous doctor, but he stopped taking our insurance. :( So, they do things a little different at this new place. Alanna and Arya both had appointments and they did them at the same time, which worked well actually. Arya got to watch the doctor look in Alanna's ears, and then she wasn't so freaked out when the doctor looked in her ears. Anyway, Arya didn't get any shots, but Alanna got four and a TB test. So that was nice for Arya!

We came home, at dinner, and then had 'cake.' Arya makes such a mess with cake and honestly, I am tired of cleaning up mess after mess. So, I asked her if she wanted birthday cookies and she got really excited. I made this cool birthday cookie 'cake' and I think I will never make regular cookies again. I was so moist and chewy and not all dried out or flat and I didn't have to spend all of my time spooning batter onto cookie sheets.

She loved the attention of everyone singing to her. She got a little close to the candles and singed her hair.

Then we all watched and laughed as she tried to 'dive' into the cookie, but was very apprehensive and ended up just liking it. The kids all made sure I gave that piece to her.

Alanna was so sad that Arya turned two and is growing up. She wants her to stay small. I guess it is my fault that she feels this way.

I tell the kids constantly how I wish I could just keep them small. It is a lot of work, constantly doing stuff for them, never having my own time, but I sure miss having a little baby and the time goes so quickly by. I couldn't slow time down slow enough to enjoy it all. I really wish I could keep them all between the ages of 3 months to five years forever. Such precious, precious times.