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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ballet Recital-Alanna

This was Alanna's second little recital. The first one was in December and she did one dance with her class. She did a great job. The photos above are her with her make up and her with her best friend Analeah.
This recital they did two dances. The first one was about "When I grow up, I'll be happy as can be, like a birdie in a tree," and Alanna sang the song over and over for the past few weeks. She did a great job at this dance, smiled, danced, had a great time! She is the one on the left side in this first photo and in the second photo she is second from left.

Isn't this the cutest! Look at those pigtails fly! Alanna is second from the left. Analeah is the one jumping the highest!
The second dance they did was to the Jungle Book and they all dressed like jungle animals. It was a cute tap dance and this is the dance they did at the December recital. Alanna wore her lion Halloween costume from two years ago! She loved getting the make up on, but when it was time to go out and preform, she stood there the whole time! My friend Amy has the practice videos posted on her blog at: It is really cute and you can hear the teacher trying to get Alanna to dance. In the blue skirt dance Alanna has curlers in her hair, but she is the third from the right. In the second dance she is the second from the left, the one who stands through most of it! Now this was the practice, but for the real one, she was as pictured in the photo below for the entire dance!


David y Amy said...

Very Cute! We had so much fun doing this with you guys. Thanks for the pictures also. They are great! I love Alanna's curly pigtails!

Aubrey Jane said...

How fun, what a darling little girl, you guys have the cutest kids!