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Friday, June 12, 2009

Another trip with Savannah to the hospital

We just got back from the hospital with Savannah. We were swimming at a friend's pool today and we had been there for almost three hours. The older girls were preparing a 'jumping into the pool' show and it was just about ready. It always makes me nervous when they jump into the pool becuase they jump in so close to the edge rather than jumping out. All of a sudden I heard Savannah crying.
Ya know, when I heard her crying, I knew exactly what had happened. I knew with how close to the side she jumps in to the pool that busting her chin or her head was bound to happen. Well, she busted her chin. When I saw the cut it looked like a little paper cut; just straight across. But I knew it would open up. I put a towel over it right away to stop the bleeding and then looked at it again and it had split wide open. With the way the skin split it look like there was a chunk missing from her chin. When we left the pool, Savannah was crying the whole way home. She kept asking if she would get stitches. I told her that I thought she would because I wanted her to be prepared just in case. I came home, changed Savannah into clothes, we said a little prayer and Jared took her to the hospital. I left Alyssa, Nathan, and Arya home and I took Alanna to her doctor to have her TB test read and then I met Savannah and Jared at the hospital.

Savannah got taken right in and was seen pretty quickly. By the time I got there they had some blue goo on her chin to numb it. The doctor didn't think it was too bad, but wanted to do a staple just in case. Then he came in to do the procedure and he said, "Oh, this is worse than I thought." He ended up putting in three stitches. Savannah was a champ!

The nurses and doctor said that she did a great job; didn't cry at all or fuss and held so still as she was being stitched up. The doctor asked her a bunch of questions when he came in. He asked her if she smoked. She said, "No, I don't do any of that bad stuff." The doctor laughed. He was such an interesting guy. He said, "Savannah you are an excellent patient!" Then the nurse came in and told us how taken he was with Savannah. She said, "It's really funny because he normally doesn't like children!" So, my little charmer lived up to her reputation!
As we were leaving she asked if we could go back to the pool!! What a trooper. She can't go swimming until Monday.
Here is a slide show of the event. Jared, in true form, had his camera out the minute I got home from the pool with her, so he documented the whole event. What a character. As we were leaving the hospital a helicopter was taking off, so we got some photos of him waving to the girls. To get the full effect, watch this as a slide show with a full screen view!


Aubrey Jane said...

Poor Savannah, that hurts so bad, but it sounds like she was super brave!!! I remember cutting my chin open on the side of the pool when I was little because I was trying to jump in like the "big girls" and twist around as I jumped. The main thing I remember is that as I jumped into the air my Dad yelled, "Aubrey, NO!". The things you parents go through for us:). I hope it heals quickly and that she's back to swimming soon.

Camille said...

Wow, that is exactly how it happened!! Silly parents! When will we learn and silly kids, when will they learn to listen!