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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alyssa's Crazy Sleepover

Alyssa entered the wonderful world of double digits this year! To celebrate we had a party with some of her closest friends. This would be fine, but then she decided she wanted them all to sleep over. I figure I only give her a party with her friends every other year, so, why not! The party was great. Alyssa planned it all out, complete with a map as to where she wanted the games, how she wanted it set up, and a timeline for it all. (I don't know where she gets this detail-orientated personality disorder from.)

To explain a little: Ever since we found an adorable pair of Robeez shoes with cupcakes on them (see Dec. posting) Alyssa and I have been in love with cupcakes. So, she wanted to have a cupcake party.

There were about 10 girls that came. They started off by sewing a cupcake pocket on an apron.

Then they decorated cupcakes.

They played pin the cherry on the cupcake.

They played balloon darts. (Absolutely nothing to do with cupcakes, but fun!)

Ate pizza, more cupcakes

Then they watched movies, made friendship brackets, did a crazy dance at midnight, and then at about 2am settled down to go to sleep. In the morning they woke up at about 6am, had a pillow fight, Jared made awesome smoothies for them, and then they went home.

Alyssa had a great time, her friends were so generous with their gifts, and it is just such a blessing to me that she has such great friends from wonderful families.

All of the girls went home with an apron and a cute little tote. Fun times!!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Love the cupcake theme. sleep overs are so much fun.

Aubrey Jane said...

Wow, what a great party! Cute bags and aprons, I just can't get over how big your kids are getting!