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Monday, March 29, 2010


This is Nathan's Nintendo DS. We don't have any video games in our house. Nathan has really wanted a Nintendo or a Wii. So, my creative little child created his own Nintendo. He did this about a year or so ago. He has shown it to some of his friends and they all kind of laugh because they have a Nintendo or Wii and think that this one is kind of lame. Well, last week Nathan took it to school and one of his friends loved it so much he bartered with Nathan to make him one!! Nathan was so excited that he found a kindred soul!

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The Stone family said...

I love this!! I love Nathans creativity!! And good for you Camille!! We also have never had any of those games and although my kids (esp. the boys) thought they were very deprived, they all lived. In fact, it forced them to work hard, play sports and get into music. It makes them use their creativity - like your handsome son!!