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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feeling Blue

Arya got into a blue marker. I had come home from the store and Jared was watching the kids. They had gotten into something while I was gone and I was a little irritated that he hadn't watched them as well as I thought he should have. Well, I didn't know it at the time, but this was going to come right back at me! After fixing what the kids did while I was gone, I got started on school work with the three older kids and Alanna sitting at the table 'helping.' As I was doing history with the older kids downstairs, Arya was upstairs. After about 30 minutes I noticed how quiet it was. So, I sent Alanna, the four year old, to go check on Arya. She went up, I hear this scream of shock from Alanna, and then Alanna trying to get Arya to come downstairs. By this time I think Arya realized she was in trouble. She started crying, but came downstairs. This is what I found; Arya covered in blue marker. She even put on blue 'lipgloss' and that is why her mouth is blue. I was pretty upset, but just had to get the camera to remind myself that these precious little children will get into trouble and I don't watch them as well as I think I do!! Arya was so mad at me for taking her picture. She said I "hurt her feelings." Awwww!


The Stone family said...

Ohhh, poor thing! I feel her pain! And yours too, Camille!

Jenny said...


we experienced this with our Rebecca, who colored from the sleeves of her tee shirt down to her wrist with a green marker. I was only out of the room for a moment and am not sure where she found the marker in the first place.