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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

phone case

I just up graded my cell phone and needed a new case for it. I drop my phone so often, I wanted to prevent it from getting all scratched up and broken. So, I made this little case in about an hour. It will fit nicely and protected in my purse, or thrown around in my car, or clipped to my belt loop. The only real problem I have with this phone is that I can't carry it around in my back pocket as I am use to doing. So, if I want to listed to music or books on my phone as I work around the house, how can I do that? I was thinking of making a strap to go around my neck, but it is kind of heavy. So, I need to figure that out. The next one I make will be a little taller to completely cover the phone. This was my first attempt. I want to make a case that will match my awesome new tote bag my father-in-law bought me, and one in pink and brown because that is my favorite color combination, and one to match my purse. Maybe I'm getting carried away!
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