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Friday, April 17, 2009

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Alyssa is in her first Musical Theater performance. She is a page in Once Upon A Mattress. (She is the 6th from the left.) Each year her school puts on a performance. Children in 3rd through 8th grade can be in the show. They have auditions and practice for 5 months, 5 hours a day. The last few weeks they rehearse more. The last week they rehearse and preform for over 30 hours! Last night was her first show and she loved it! She loves being on stage. She has a very small part, but is onstage a lot. She has a performance tonight and two on Saturday. I need to get some photos of her in her full costume, but here is a link to the photo that was in the newspaper today. scroll down to Community Photos and the photo and tiny announcement is there.


Anonymous said...

Love this play! What a neat experience for her to have.

Aubrey Jane said...

How fun! She is such an adorable girl. I was the Queen in that musical in high school, it's a fun show!