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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kit Carson Park

Last week our playgroup went to this really cool park in Escondido. The park is huge! When I think of a park, I think of cool play equipment for the kids and me sitting on the lawn or bench watching them play, maybe taking some photos. But this park doesn't have play equipment. There is grass everywhere, a duck pond, a few swings, tons of walking trails, and in the middle of it all is this
really cool mosaic. When we entered the area, the first thing you see is the black and white and mirrored tiles. You have to go through this maze to get to the center of the mosaic. I included a few shots of the middle of the mosaic, but I don't want to put up a bunch of photos of people without them knowing!! The kids had a great time climbing on everything and running around, and around, and around!


Anonymous said...

The mosaics are amazing.