Performancing Metrics

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last night our family went to a family Pine Wood Derby at our church. In Cub Scouts Nathan built a car and raced it (Well, Grandpa cut it out, Dad painted it, Nathan raced it). He won first place for his pack. Well, a few weeks after the Scout Derby, our congregation always gets together for dinner and another derby where everyone can enter. This is fun becuase the men go all out to see whose car is the fastest. We have a regulation race and a nonregulation race. For the regulation race cars have to be a certain weight, length, etc. but for the nonregulation race, anything goes. We had cars with engines powered by remote controls for the nonregulation race. It was pretty cool.

Here are the four GRAFF cars!

Anyway, Alyssa, Nathan, Savannah, and Alanna all had cars that Grandpa cut out last year but they didn't get raced because we ran out of time. SO this year Jared painted them and they all had cars to race. In the first three heats Alyssa, Savannah, and Alanna took first place every time. Poor little Nathan kept coming in third and fourth. Then they did the final race off with the final five. The official ending was Savannah first place, Alyssa third place, and Alanna fourth place! Here is Savannah with her car, being announced as the winner. She looked a little embarassed by all of the recognition. It was cute.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun night for all.