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Sunday, March 15, 2009


We have annual passes to Disneyland. It works great as an incentive to get the kids to get ahead with their school work! So, being ahead in work, we went to Disneyland on March 11. I took all five kids by myself, which isn't something new, but as Arya is getting older and closer to the 'Terrific Two's" I need to rethink excursions involving her. We were there for about 2 hours when I decided that I had had enough and really wanted to go home. The kids were arguing about where they wanted to go next. We started in CA Adventure to do the Animation. This is where you go to 'school' to draw like a Disney artist. This was very cool, except for Arya screaming for everyone pencils. So, then they all wanted to go over to Disneyland. Since Alanna was being really good, I told her she could pick the ride they went on first. It was Buzz Lightyear. I really don't get it, but my older three kids all want to go by themselves on this ride. SO they were all arguing about that and I finally said, "FINE! We are not going on any rides for you the rest of the day. Alanna picks them all!"

So, we walked through the Disney Castle, rode Dumbo, the Carousel, and the train ride. Arya had finally had it, was done being held in lines, and just wanted to leave. I checked the time and Jedi Training was starting in 15 minutes. We went over to where it was, but I told the kids if they didn't get picked to train as a Jedi, then we were leaving and going home.

They all wore their matching Incredible tee-shirts and stood in the front row, jumping up and down to be picked. At the last moment, the Jedi master said, "You four with the matching red shirts, you may come up!"

YEAH!! This was Alanna's first time training to be a Jedi. She was so excited! She ended up fighting Darth Maul! This guys is so scary looking! I took video of it, so I only have this photo of Alyssa fighting, but it shows his freakishly scary face really well! But Alanna did great. She was the littlest Jedi in the group! She is off to the right a little, looking back at me. Ahhh, it was all worth it!


Misty said...

WHAZZZZ UP?? Great blog. Hmmm, photography..Greg too. Check out his site. We need to get together. Everyone has grown sooo much.

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to get homeschooling done. I only wish I had thought of that when we were living there. Mine would have done a lot to get to go to DisnelyLand.

David y Amy said...

What a fun day! I'm sorry Arya didn't have a good time. The next time you take the kids alone, you can leaver her with me. I'll be glad to watch her. You're such a good mom!

The Mathews Family said...

You have GOT to tell me how we can get the boys in to do that! HOW FUN!!!! They'd go completely nuts over something like that! Cuuuute :)

Camille said...

It is so much fun! What I do it make sure the kids are all wearing matching clothes. Then about 20 minutes before it starts we go over and sit in the front row and just wait. Then with the Jedi master comes out, the kids start jumping up and down, holding hands, with their hands in the air over their heads. It works everytime for us. (but it is hard to ignore four kids doing that!!) I recommend going on a not-so-crowded day. :) Alanna is so funny. She is still running around the house thinking she is a jedi. She tells everyone, "I am the Jedi Master! Right shoulder, left shoulder, duck, and definatly to the head! (That is the fighting training they get.) It is so funny. No more princesses for her; Star Wars all the way!