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Monday, December 1, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have so much fun reading the blogs of my friends! I get so caught up in their blogs! Sometimes they don't post for a while and that drives me nuts! I keep wondering, "What are they up to, what are they doing that is taking all their time that they can't meet my need to read their blog!!!" Well, I never thought people would care if I didn't post for months at a time. But, maybe they do. So here are a few of our photos lately.

Jared loves taking photos. These are some photos that he took on Thanksgiving day for our Christmas cards. Man, Arya is at such a tricky age for photos. She loves her picture taken, but only on her terms. Usually she will pose for quiet a while if she is alone. The minute WE try to post her or to put someone in the photo with her, she turns into a photographers nightmare! She screams, kicks, arches her back, etc. Then team that with Alanna, who takes adorable photos, but loves to do something totally goofy in the middle of it all. This photo of the kids was the closest we could get to them all looking good. Savannah had crossed her eyes, but Jared photo shopped them!

I'll try to add more tonight after the kids are in bed!