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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always a challenge for us. Usually we are up so late the night before getting things ready, we just hope that the kids will let us sleep in until 6am. Why am I never suprised that they are up at 2am, right after we finally get to bed!!

Nathan woke up at 2am because he was so excited. He woke Savannah and Alanna up. At 4am they went downstairs to 'peek.' I heard them at 4:47am and went in to tell them to be quiet and stay in their room. I walk in and Alanna says, "Santa brought us scooters!!"

We told them we would be up at 6am and we would go downstairs together (because we really wanted to see Alanna's face), but at 6am when I got up, they had already gone downstairs and were tearing into their stockings. Arya was still asleep, and Alyssa was still upstairs becuase we told her to stay upstairs and she actually listens to us! But the other kids came up yelling about their new scooters and told Alyssa she got one too. So she pretty upset to have her surprise ruined.
But we made the Savannah and Nathan sit on the couch while Alyssa and Alanna opened their stocking presents and tried out their scooters.
I know the kids look like orphan children with no one to care for them and do their hair, but it is what it is! Here is a picture of the girls with their little aprons that I made them.
This year was pretty neat becuase the kids really got into getting and making each other presents. Alyssa made coupon books for everyone, Nathan made yarn necklaces for everyone with exchangable charms of the different seasons (interesting!), Savannah wrote stories for everyone and made them into books.
What was really sweet was Savannah and Nathan. They pooled their megar toothfairy money together and came up with $10. They were intent on buying Alanna something from Disneyland. So, we were able to go there a few days before Christmas and they got Alanna a set of princess crayons. Alanna with her head light that Santa brought her.

And, this next picture is become a yearly event. It is Savannah crying after all of the presents have been opened and she somehow feels like everyone got more than her! Life is so unfair in our overprivilidged society!