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Thursday, March 24, 2011

History Alive!

We have an event at our school called History Alive. This is an optional activity (which I really don't encourage because we are so busy as it is!) and Alyssa really wanted to do it this year. She chose to do a live report on the fashion from the 1920s.

Isn't she gorgeous??!!! It was interesting to get her looooong hair into a bob!

Here she is with the fabulous poster she made (the pink and black thing behind her) and also some great dresses from the time. The green dress is a vintage dress from the 1920s that a very sweet mom loaned to us. Since hats were very popular at the time, and also very distinct, Alyssa set up her booth so the participants could come and design their own hat. She did this all on her own and did a great job!
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