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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shirley Temple Wax Museum

In third grade at our school the children get to participate in a Wax Museum. They all choose a person from history and do a research report on the person. They turn their report into a 3 minute speech and memorize it. They also decorate a large backdrop that represents something from this person's life. Savannah chose to be Shirley Temple. On Wax Museum day they dress up as their 'character' and recite their speech for the people who come to see them. I think they say their speech around 30 times during the hour and a half presentation! It is wonderful to see the imaginations of these children come to life in their character. Savannah was a perfect Shirley Temple.
This little video shows Savannah doing her speech. It is at the end of the museum, so she is pretty tired, but still really cute!