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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jared took a job in Arizona back in April and he will be there for a while. We have enjoyed going to visit him. We love the pool. Alanna learned to swim without her floaty.

Arya has the right idea. She is my kind of girl; baggin' the rays!!

The kids LOVE swimming!

We were able to go to the Gila Valley Temple open house. (It was hard to get a good photo after driving out there two hours, waiting for the tour, the tour, going back to the car to get the camera, back to the temple for the photo and then three hours back because I got lost as I was playing on my phone! OOPS!!) We even drove through the Thatcher Cemetery. This is where my Grandma and Grandpa are buried. It is beautiful old cemetery and I have good memories of coming out here with my dad and brothers and sisters.

We also took Arya to Build a Bear for an early birthday present to get her first build a bear friend. The kids all brought their bears for the special occasion.