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Monday, May 23, 2011

Alanna's Party

Alanna had a cooking party with her friends this year. We had about 15 cute kindergartners here. Fortunately I had Alyssa and two of her friends to help out. Savannah also had a friend over to help with the activities.

Alyssa and her friends coordinated the events and helped keep everyone entertained. Here they are playing toss the bean bag in the cupcake tin.

Savannah was amazing with the children. She kept them in order and talked so cute to them! Here she is leading them in Simon Says while I am cleaning up the lunch and getting the cupcakes ready to decorate.

Alyssa made these amazing cakepops for Alanna's party.

One of the activities was to make these cute flowers for their bakers' hat. Alyssa and her friends helped the guests with it. Aren't those hats cute!!

It was a huge success thanks to many helpers!