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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is what has kept me busy in my free time for the past few weeks. HALLOWEEN!!! My mother started the tradition of having a theme and making all of our costumes when I was young. I pretty much keep up the tradition. This year we did the Alice in Wonderland theme. Alyssa was Alice, Savannah was the Queen of Hearts (naturally), Nathan was a card that was painting the rose (Alanna) red, and Arya was the adorable Cheshire Cat. (Her costume was kind of tricky because I couldn't find striped fabric, so I had to cut strips and serge them together, and THEN cut out the costume. Fun.)

We had an AMAZING week of Halloween parties and fun! Alyssa went to a party last Friday with her friends and stayed out until 10pm! It was almost like she was a teenager (she thought!) Then on Thursday Nathan and Savannah went to a party where they bobbed for apples, dipped them in caramel, and had a ton of fun.

Friday was the most rock'n time. Our friends just bought an amazing house out in Fallbrook. It is on a huge piece of land and the house is huge! They went all out with decorations, games, food, and fun. The kids ran, seriously, ran nonstop. Jared and I even dressed up. He was Porthos from the Three Musketeers and I was his 'beautiful woman.' We didn't get photos together, unfortunately.

Saturday was our annual church party. There was yummy food, tons of fun carnival type games, contests, prizes, music, and of course, the famous Trunk or Treat. Arya was a little apprehensive at first, but after one trip around to each 'trunk,' she was on her own! She loved it.

Then we came home, trick or treated the neighborhood while dinner was cooking, then went to to visit our piano teacher. She promised the children a big candy bar! So we took her some scarecrow cookies and trick or treated her street. So much candy, so much fun! Arya kept saying, "More house? Yes?"

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The Stone family said...

Looks like those adorable costumes you made got a lot of use! You must be an astounding seamstress! What a busy and fun week you had!

Boy Momma said...

Camillie, I love to see your Halloween creations. A couple of weeks??? Honestly woman. You must sew at lightening speed (or else you never sleep)!