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Friday, January 9, 2009

Nathan's Memories

The other project I started last year is finally being put together. For Alyssa's 8th birthday I took clothes that I had saved for her over the years and cut patches of them out and sewed them into a quilt. Here is her finished quilt:

Well, I am doing the same for Nathan. I spent time off and on last year cutting out patches of clothing from his clothes; from baby to 7 year old. I end up with 117 patches. Here is a photo of them all laid out. I'm now working on sewing them together for his very own memory patchwork quilt. This is so much fun because when we lay it out, everyone who sees it has a memory of Nathan in one of those outfits. Jared and I can just look at it for hours. It brings back the sweetest memories; when he was brought home from the hospital as a new baby, his three month photos that he wouldn't smile for, the time he cut his lip open and bled all over his pajamas, his first birthday, the red camping shirt he would never take off, his 'journey to Ernie' shirt, preschool days, first day of kindergarten, and sooo many more. I love sewing for other people because as I sew I think about that person and all of the memories I have of them. I didn't realize this until I made Nathan a shirt a few years ago.

I use to sew a lot for my girls, but not for Nathan. So, before he started first grade he wanted me to make him a shirt. I found that as I was sewing it I thought constantly about Nathan. What a great experience!! I guess that is why I love giving handmade gifts out because I really put my heart into them; as anyone who sews or crafts knows. I have one more patch to sew on and then I will post the patches sewn together.


Aubrey said...

Camille, I'm so excited to see that you have a blog! I think that those quilts are amazing and such a great idea. I hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea in the future:).

David y Amy said...

I found your blog!!! This is such a cute idea, and I'm glad I finally got to see it. Now you should post the final product. I also thought your bag was so cute! I feel embarrased showing you mine:( Anyway, Keep posting, cause I'll be looking:)