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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NOT the cupcake queen

I have a very talanted friend who makes the most amazing cupcakes. I love baking, but decorating is not my strong point. My mom gave me a book filled with the most amazing cupcake creations. I wanted to make some, but they were all pretty intimidating. But, being as I know the cupcake queen personally, I thought I could give it a try and ask her for advice. So, in an attempt of Amazing Vanessa style, here is my adventure.

First, get a box of cake mix. Throw all the stuff in a mixer and throw it on high for however long it takes. (I walked away, did a couple of things, and ten minutes later I think it was mixed well. I cooked the silly things up, forgot about them, then when I took them out of the oven they were overdone, too brown, and flat rather than with a pretty mound on the top, which is what I needed. So, I emailed the cupcake queen, she gave me wonderful pointers, and I tried again. I set my timer and came out with much nicer cupcakes with more mounded tops.

I also asked a couple of happy bakers to assist me.

As you can see, the flat, ugly, brown cupcakes were my first attempt. The beautiful, light, mounded cupcakes were my second attempt. They tasted so much better and looked nice too!

Then I did all of the decorating and ended up with these cute little panda bears. They aren't perfect, but because you can't see how they were suppose to look, you will never know!!! So, thank you Vanessa for all of your pointers!!

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The Tyler's said...

i personally like flat cupcakes vs. the round ones. seems like they always taste better. Nice end result too!