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Monday, November 21, 2011

Updating-Washington DC

We had a crazy chain of events this summer. Jared started out working in Oregon. His team wasn't doing very well, so they were all moved to Texas. That is important for later in the story. Alyssa, being 12 years old, was able to go to girl's camp with her church group this summer. I didn't want her to miss this, but I wanted to go see Jared in Texas. So, we planned for her to stay in Oceanside with a friend, go to girl's camp, and then fly to Oregon (because Jared was in Oregon when we planned all of this). Well the first thing that happened was that Jared got moved to Texas. We had to change Alyssa's flight to Texas. Second, the family of friend that Alyssa was staying with had an opportunity to go to Washington DC during the time Alyssa was scheduled to stay with them!

Alyssa loved the tour about President Lincoln. She recited it almost word for word for me! The father of the friend was awarded a very prestigious award for work he had done at his job. They were going to fly him and his wife out to receive this award in DC. We had a few options, to have Alyssa stay somewhere else, or to go with them. Well, this wonderful family decided to take Alyssa with them. What an opportunity!! LUCKY GIRL!! She had an amazing time.