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Monday, November 21, 2011

Updating-June 2011

Lots happened in June. Alanna, Arya, and Savannah had been taking dance since January. They have had so much fun. They loved dressing up in their costumes to get photos taken.

Normally we wait until the girls are five years old before we let them decide if they want to get their ears pierced. Well, I was feeling a little defiant one day and let Arya get her ears pierced the day before she turned four. Poor little girl! The lady who pierced them did one ear wrong and we had to come back the next day to get it redone! Arya was great. She is so serious!

Alyssa turned 12 in May. She was able to go to the San Diego Temple and do baptisms. Very neat for both of us. It was a fun day. I'm so proud of my girl who is growing up way too fast.

We celebrated the end of the school year with an ice cream party and lots of friends.

Nathan made this replica of the California state capital for his end of the year school project.

Arya turned four on June 10. She is such a little cutie! She loves candy. I made her a candy cake.

Alanna, Savannah, and Arya had a dance recital. We postponed our trip to Texas just so they could attend the recital. Savannah and Alanna were in the same class and are in the picture with the blue little outfits. Arya was in a different class. They each did a dance with their class, but they also did a dance at the recital that they learned on their own. They danced to the song "Little Bitty." It was adorable.

The next morning after the recital we all hoped in the car and drove to Texas. What an adventure! I was so worried about the car breaking down, but it did fine on the way there. The battery ran out on my phone and it shut off and wouldn't charge. This was only three hours into our trip and I was so worried we would break down in the middle of the desert and not have any way to call for help. So we finally found a town and a McDonalds where we could use Wifi. I used Nathan's itouch to text Jared for help. He told me where a Best Buy was and I was able to go buy a cheap little phone until I could get mine working. Well, everything went fine and we made it to our motel in Deming, New Mexico. While there I was able to fix my phone. The next day was uneventful and we made it to San Antonio to be with Jared.

I was really surprised at what a beautiful place San Antonio is! I thought Texas was like Barstow; all dirt and dust. But it is very green and the stores and buildings are mostly hidden by the greenery. It was beautiful.
First thing we did in Texas, after hitting the pool of course, was to find the public library and get a library card. This is our second summer spending it away from home with Jared and his work. It is great in so many ways! We get to see new places that we would normally never see. We get a vacation. We get to relax. I am forced to relax. We stay in a little apartment, so there isn't much to clean, no school work to do, no pressing projects, just time to sit by the pool, work on my tan, and read! I love it!! Last summer I brought sewing to work on, but this summer I brought Arya's baby album that I am trying to do. I am only doing her first year and she is now four! Oh well. We do what we can!


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