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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Meet Violet. She is a snobby Girl of the Golden Afternoon that makes fun of poor little Alice as she is stuck in Wonderland.

This weekend was the Coastal Academy's production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. They start this musical theatre group in November with auditions, are given parts in December, and begin rehearsal in January. In the photo below, Alyssa is the shortest on the right side.

They rehearse for about 5 hours a week for three months, 7 hours a week and then the famous 'tech week' which is about 30 hours of rehearsing and preforming. So many hours of hard work go into this production.

Here is my shy little Violet during final bows.
The props and sets are amazing, the costumes are amazing, and the acting is superb for an elementary school group. Alyssa got the part of Violet, one of the Girls of the Golden Afternoon; a bunch of very snobby flowers. She did the part wonderfully. She is sad musical theatre is over for the year, and is very excited to start again in November!!


The Stone family said...

That is so cool! And she is a beautiful snobby flower!! Wish we could have seen it!