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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nathan's birthday

Well, my boy is nine this year. He is such a sweet boy. This has been a year of changes for him. When he turned eight, he was so excited to be eight. He wanted to be so good and do everything right. He amazed me for the first six months. Something happened after about six months and it was harder and harder for him to control his emotions. He's been working on it and is back to reading his scriptures daily, praying daily, and being a wonderful example to his sisters. I am so greatful for this amazing child in my life.
Since this was an odd numbered birthday, we had family birthday celebrations Since we couldn't get everyone together at one time, it went on throughout February and March for his birthday. It's kind of nice to have a birthday go on for two months!!!

8 years old:

7 years old:

6 years old:

5 years old: 4 years old:

3 years old: One year old:


The Stone family said...

He is one very handsome boy! Cute pictures!