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Friday, April 9, 2010

Belt testing

Nathan and Alyssa tested for their brown belt in taekwondo in March. Jared and Savannah weren't able to test. Savannah didn't feel ready and Jared was traveling for work for most of the session.

Part of their testing was breaking boards. They had to break a one inch pine board. I don't think I could have done it. They were awesome! I was so anxious watching them! They go through about 5-10 minutes of setup and instruction before hand. Then they ask permission and then they can break the board. Alyssa went first. The instructors helped her to position her board, she did a few practice taps on the board, asked permission, focused on the board, and then, BAM!, broke her board with a side kick. I was so excited! I was video taping and I forgot I was taping and just moved the camera and started clapping. Then Nathan was next. His instructors helped him set up his board, he did some taps on the board, repositioned, taps, reposition, asked permission, kicked, and the board didn't break. I have heard it is pretty painful if you don't break your board. After he asked permission he didn't refocus, but just went into his kick. So he had to go through it all again. They are only given three chances to break the board. So, Nathan went through it all again, asked permission, focused, and broke it. Wow! What an exciting night.

A week later we were able to find out how they did. They are 'graded' with their testing. They can earn an Excellent, Decided, and Recommended. Most people earn a decided. It means that they completed their form, their sparing, board breaking, and defenses all well. Recommended means they passed, but there is still more they need to work on. Excellent isn't given out easily. Everything has to be excellent; sharp, consistent, great work in class, etc. Alyssa usually earns excellent. She has a natural grace that makes her moves flow, but she is sharp as she hits her points. Nathan has only earned one excellent in the year and a half of taekwondo. He tends to look at the floor as he tests and he is suppose to keep his head up. But for their brown belt, they both earned excellent! It was great!!
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